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Stuart Carbolite Hach




Pack Size: EACH

Product Information

6-Branch Manifold System with 6 x 100 ml funnels


Chemical resistance as for stainless steel and silicone

Filtration area:

12.5 cm2

Flow rate:

Typical values for water at 90% vacuum, 600 ml/min with 0.45 µm, 200 ml/min with 0.2 µm filter pore size

Parts and materials:

Stainless steel manifold, funnel, lid, frits Silicone flat gasket. Silicone lid seal, cap and hose connector

Membrane filter Diameter:

50 mm (or 47 mm; but for regular use of this diameter, the frits supplied can be replaced by frits for 47 mm filter)

Max. pressure:

Only vacuum


By autoclaving (121°C or 134°C), by dry heat (180°C), with hot water or by flaming.

For routine colony and particle counting. The manifolds are available with 100ml or 500ml capacity funnels. The three or six separate filtration holders allow timesaving when mass examinations of 100 ml volume samples have to be carried out. The stainless steel taps on the manifold ports allow the vacuum for each holder to be turned on and off individually. The stainless steel filter support allows a homogenous distribution of the residues on the membrane filter surface. Funnel and filter support can be disinfected by flaming.