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Stuart Carbolite Hach


Mettler Toledo


Pack Size: EACH

Product Information

Portable density meter Densito 30PX, ideal for measuring liquid samples.

Industries that already use the  Densito 30PX include food, beverages, cosmetics, oil, paints, solvents, pharmaceuticals and battery manufacturers.

Sample entry is easy; either use the built-in sample pump or a syringe,  results are automatically displayed in a large choice of units, such as SG, API degrees, Brix %, H2S04%, Baume degrees and more.

Constants are used to allow you to do temperature compensation along with date, time and temperature of the test.

Software is included, plus carry case, batteries and standards.


• Results with date and time

• Large choice of units including Density, SG and Brix %

• Calibrate with dry air or purified water

• Small sample size, very easy to use

• Quicker than hydrometers or SG bottles; results in seconds!

• Download your results to printer or PC


Technical Specification:

Measurement range:  0 to 2g/cm³

Resolution:  0.0001g/cm³

Accuracy:  ±0.001g/cm³

Temperature range:  0-40°C

Resolution:  ±0.1°C

Display:  °C or °F


Ambient temperature range:  5°C - 35°C


DM/65004 - Infared adaptor

DM/65006 - Syringe adapter

DM/65008 - Density standard 6ml