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Stuart Carbolite Hach



Pack Size: EACH

Product Information

Technical specification


Filling Volumes

1ml to 2.5 litres


+/- 0.5%

Max Flow Rate

36ml per second (doubles with twin pump option)


230V AC, 50Hz (other voltages available



50 watts


W 155mm, H 250mm,   

D 360mm


8.5 kilos

Dispenser, Accuramatic Mk7

The Accuramatic Mk7 is a versatile dispensing machine based on a peristaltic pump. Designed for use in laboratories and for small-scale industrial and packaging applications it can dispense volumes from 1ml to 2.5litres to an accuracy of ±- 1%, and will handle a wide range of liquid products through its single tube arrangement. The Mk7 is robust, simple to operate and has minimal maintenance requirements. The Mk7 has a rapid braking system and a facility to reverse pump direction briefly at the end of the dose to prevent drip formation. There is also a \"soft stop\" option on the Mk7 to avoidentrained air bubbles when filling agar media. Dose volumes are determined by tubing bore size and dose duration. The dose time is selected by the operator to a precision of 100th second, with a maximum of 99.99 seconds. Dose duration is saved in the memory and will be the default value next time the machine is switched on. In automatic mode the delay time is also saved in memory. The Mk7 can be interfaced with a PC (via an RS232) so that calculated dose times can be transferred directly to the pump. To automate the filling of bottles it also links with the XYZ Distributor for bottles up to 200mm tall in a 550mm x 300mm grid format (non standard areas can be accommodated; please enquire for details). Connection to other machines is usually straightforward. Supplied with a selection of tubing sized from 1mm to 8mm bore.