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Stuart Carbolite Hach




Pack Size: EACH

Product Information

MiniPipet. Capacity: 5μl.  Colour: Blue

The Volac MiniPipet is a low cost Fixed Volume Micro Pipettor.

The MiniPipet is specifically designed for those users who need to be able to measure small volumes accurately. Potential users:

• Diagnostic kit producers

• Universities

• Colleges

• Education

• Hospitals

• Health centres


Five fixed volumes colour coded 5μl blue, 10 μI yellow, 25 μl red, 50μl grey & 100μl white.

Design allows use with either microtips or standard yellow 200μl tips

Fully autoclavable to 121°C

Double action thumb press includes blow-out    


PT/36002          Accessory Tips. Capacity: 20μl. Uni Microtip. Colour: White

PT/36004          Accessory Tips. Capacity:200μl.

                        Multifit Tips - Yellow