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Stuart Carbolite Hach

PIPETTOR 500-5000µL


Pack Size: EACH

Product Information

Biohit mLine single channel mechanical adjustable volume micropipettor, volume range 500 - 5000µl in 10µl increments, test volume 5000µl, innacuracy 0.50%, imprecision 0.20%

Fully autoclavable the mLINE is designed to meet the strictest performance, ergonomic and safety criteria. They are sturdy yet light weight and cover the range of 0.5 - 5000 µl.

The mLINE range features the lightest pipetting forces on the market made possible by its patented spring mechanism. This is a crucial consideration of pipetting and one Biohit have been reinforcing for over 12 years throughout their product development. Full autoclavability without any pre-preparation.



• Thermal insulation of the internal components to improve accuracy

• A clear and easy-to-read display with big numbers and small increments

• A locking mechanism of the counter preventing accidental volume changes during pipetting

• Volume range colour coding for easy pipettor selection

• Safe-cone filter to prevent pipettor contamination and to prolong pipettor life

• 5 colour coded caps

The mLINE pipettors have been designed for easy calibration. Due to special transmission mechanism, very small increments in calibration can be made easily and safely. The calibration tool acts also as a tube cap opener.