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Stuart Carbolite Hach



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Product Information

Precision gas sampling pump, Gastec, for use with dedicated sampling tubes which are listed under our reference GD/90102 to GD/90150.

Over 600 tube types are available, please contact the office for availability and pricing if the one you require is not listed.

The Gastec detector tube system comprises the following:

Gastec colourimetric glass tube filled with an absorbent material, usually silica gel impregnated with a chemical reagent.

Air is drawn through the tube using the Gastec precision piston pump and reacts in the presence of the target gas to produce a colour change. The length of the colour stain produced is proportional to the concentration of target gas present. By using a calibration scale printed on the tube, the concentration may be read immediately, without the need for laboratory analysis. Gastec precision pumps offer a slim, sleek ergonomic design for a firm grip.

Samples of 50ml (half-stroke) or 100ml (full-stroke) can be drawn easily with a handle that requires minimum effort. The built-in flow finish indicator automatically shows when stroke is complete.