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Stuart Carbolite Hach




Pack Size: EACH

Product Information


Technical specification LD-5 LD-9 LD-18
Number of stages 2 2 2
Volumetric flow @ 50 Hz (swept volume)* litre/min 100 150 300
m3/hr 6 9 18
CFM 3.5 5.3 10.6
Ultimate vacuum (pp)* mbar 5x10⁴
Gas Ballast (pp) variable 0.01
Pump Down 20 litre vessel to 0.01mbar (Minutes) 3 1.5 0.6
Water vapour pumping, g/hr 60 70 100
Rotational speed rpm 1400
Motor power, watts 750
Weight, Kg 21 21 24.5
Dimensions lxwxh, mm 540/155/250
Suction & Exhaust Fittings KF25


Pumps, high vacuum, rotary vane. Rotary vane pump two Stage 9m3/hour

The new Vector LD range of rotary vane pumps comes with the latest operational features including a heavy duty cap start cap run motor combined with an improved aluminium electrical box featuring on/off switch, integrated circuit breaker and thermal overload.

  • Improved oil flow for better lubrication and cooling
  • Sustainable ultimate vacuum due to cooler running and less stress on oils
  • Change over cartridge available on all models
  • Versatile connections - multiple choice suction fitting
  • Fully O-ring sealed cartridge
  • Magnetic sump plug aids in capturing contaminants
  • Fan cooled motor
  • Adjustable gas ballast valve
  • Retractable carry handle
  • Long term reliability
  • Easy serviceability
  • Long life design with minimum 10 year part support
  • Integrated electronic anti suck back device isolates your vacuum system while simultaneously vents the vacuum pump in the event of a power failure or shut down
  • The VECTOR can also be optioned with various oils such as PFPE, to suit a customer\'s process.
  • High ultimate vacuum - 10-4 mbar
  • Built-in gas ballast
  • Interchangeable VacPak cartridge
  • Viton \"O\" ring and seals throughout
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Low temperature start 5°C
  • KF vacuum fittings