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Stuart Carbolite Hach



Pack Size: EACH

Product Information

Safety, storage, cans. Justrite. 24 gauge steel.With self closing stainless steel tap. Capacity: 11 litre
Justrite safety cans are specifically designed for storing and dispensing flammable liquids.
• Leak tight, air tight cap fitted with long life gasket that resists flammable, corrosive, volatile and viscous liquids
• Unique counterbalance design for ease of lifting and pouring
• 12.5mm raised base resists accidental punctures and aids pouring by providing an easy grip area
• Internal dual-density flame arrestor, within spout, dissipates heat to prevent flashback and guards against potential for fire and explosion. The double mesh construction allows liquids to flow freely.
Every can is tested under pressure to guarantee its leak proof construction. Drop tests from 1m onto a concrete floor further tests the cans integrity. All cans have an exclusive 10-year warranty.
All volumes are approximate.
FM (Factory Mutual) approved