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Stuart Carbolite Hach



Pack Size: EACH

Product Information

Biohit single channel adjustable micropipette, mechanical, volume range 0.1 - 2.5µl in 0.05µl increments, test volume 2.5µl, inaccuracy ±2.5%, imprecision ±2.0%.

The Biohit Proline® adjustable volume air displacement pipettor is the perfect tool for today’s liquid handling requirements. Replacing cumbersome and heavy pipettors of the past the Proline® range employs the latest materials in manufacture ensuring a light but resilient product.

The pipettors cover volume ranges from 0.1μl - 5000μl with single channel models. The Biohit Proline® range is also available in 6 multichannel models.

Features include:

• Lightweight ergonomic design

• Digital display clearly reads volume setting

• Easy to calibrate and maintain with tool provided

• Supplied with full documentation, warranties and certificates

• Colour-coded ID stickers included with each pipettor

• Sequential tip ejection on Multichannel models.

Please contact our sales office for pricing information.